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Related article: 390 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [Mat fifths of a lenglh, winners and losers alike coming in for a rare Caverta 100 ovation. The time (22 mins. 31 sees.) was Online Caverta the slowest since 1878, but pet contra it is doubtful if such *' troubled waters " were ever ex- perienced before. Our prediction was thus fulfilled almost to the letter, whilst Dr. Warre's ** short- ened craft" theory was justified in a measure also. Not this the time or place to discuss the sub- ject critically, however, albeit we are glad to hear that future craft built on the lines laid down by Dr. Warre are to be lengthened somewhat. It will be interesting to notice how these new boats behave in the more placid waters at Henley, on the Isis, &c. A word of praise Ranbaxy Caverta is due to Messrs. Harcourt Gold (Oxford) and S. J. Muttlebury (Cambridge), the re- spective coaches. In our opinion the mantle of the late '• Dukker " McLean has fallen upon the first- named mentor. As most of the oarsmen engaged will be available next year, moreover, Buy Caverta there is every reasonable hope of another soul- stirring battle from Putney to Mortlake. So mote it be. This concluded the sequence of inter-' Varsity contests pro tem.y and (as usual) we now print a full list of them up-to-date for future reference : — Cross Country .... Cambridge . . 25 points 30. Rugby Football .... Oxfoid 10 points 8. Association Football Oxfoid 3 goals a. Hockey. Cambridge . . 4 goals i. Billiards ^Singles) . . Oxford 38 pointss Billiards (Doubles) Oxford 153 points. Boxing and Fencing Oxford 4 events 3. Point-to- Point Steeplechase . . Cambridge . . 35 points 30. Golf Oxford 38 Caverta 50 holes 9. Chess Cambridge . . 5 games a. Athletic Sports .... Oxford 6 events 4. Boat Race xford { of a length. Racquets (Singles). . Cambridge . . 3 games o. Cheap Caverta Racquets (Doubles) Cambridge . . 4 games s. Total : Oxford, 8 events ; Camuridge, 6 Caverta Tablets events. So much for Caverta 50mg retrospective mat- ters. Ere these remarks reach our readers, Summer Term will have commenced with all its con- comitant pastimes. In due course, further inter-* Varsity contests at cricket, tennis, lawn- tennis, cy- cling, swimming, polo, &c., will be decided. We shall discuss the prospects of most a little later,, but (as usual) now very briefly touch upon the cricket ditto. They are fairly rosy both ways. F. P. Knox (Corpus) captains the Oxonians, and will have the as- sistance of four other " Blues,*' viz., Messrs. Marsham, White, Crawford and More. Caverta 100 Ranbaxy H. C. Ranbaxy Caverta 100 Pil- kington is also available, if in residence. Above and beyond these, many notable " Seniors," Messrs. Wyld, Munn, Darling, Mitchell, Reynolds, Findlay, Lord F. Scott, Rattigan, Caverta 25 Medlicott, &c., Ranbaxy Caverta 50 are also in residence. The most likely *• Freshmen " are Messrs. Dillon (Rugby), Von Erst- hausen (Uppingham), Raphael (Merchant Taylors'), Schultze (Fettes), Hunter (Winchester), Morgan - Owen Caverta Tablet (Shrewsbury), Cookson (Harrow), White (Mal- vern), &c. S. H. Day (Queen's) captains the Cantabs this year, and no fewer than six other ** Blues " are in residence, viz., Messrs. Wilson, Dowson, Hind, Daniel, Blaker, and Fargus. Of available " Seniors " we recall Messrs. Noel, Driffield, Caverta Ranbaxy Robert- son (of Middlesex fame), Johnson, Tagart, Lockett, Sewell, Doll, Oilman, &c. The ** Freshmen " appear a very likely lot, notably Messrs. Harper (Rossali), Longman (Eton), McCorquodale (Harrow), Harris (Westminster), Lush (Sherborne), Bompas (West- minster), Buy Caverta Cheap Keigwin (St. Paul's), Canny (Malvern), Bedell- Siv- right (Malvern), &c. Capital fixture-lists have been arranged; as, beyond the Trial Matches, Oxford have nine foreign matches and Cambridge thirteen. This year both Universities antagonise the ** Silent Sister " (Dublin 190I.] •* OUR VAN. f f 391 University) in Ireland after the Buy Caverta Online Lord's match. Next month, we hope to report no end of progress all down the line, and to discuss the innumerable Caverta Online Isthmian con- tests down for decision. Golf. — The University match at Sandwich excited less interest in the golfing world this year than usual. Both teams had previously been appearing in a number of matches against clubs, and the form thus exposed pointed so clearly in the direction of another success for Oxford that this may account for the diminished interest Caverta 100mg taken in the Sandwich meeting. All the same, there was an excel- lent contest. Oxford won, and by the substantial margin of 19 holes; but it was no runaway affair like that of last year. As matter of fact, if a method of counting not unknown in team competitions had been the order of the day, and the result had been decided by matches won, instead of by the number of holes to the good, there would have been a tie between the two teams, for each side had three wins, and two matches were halved. What gave Oxford Order Caverta her margin of 19 holes was principally Mr. Beve- ridge's success in being 13 up and Mr. Crabb-Watt's 10 up. The best match of the day was that between Mr. J. A. T. Bramston, of Magdalen, and Buy Cheap Caverta Mr. Norman Hunter, of Clare. Some space in the Glasgow Exhibition is to be devoted to objects of interest connected with the game of golf. The collection and arrangement of them have been entrusted to the Rev. John Kerr, minister of the golfing parish of Dirleton, in East Lothian, who, from his experience of the game and knowledge of golfers, ought to know what is likely to interest them. St, Andrews is contribut- ing the Champion Belt won by the late Tommy Morris, clubs used by that distinguished player